Tecnonext was born in 2005 from an idea of Mr. Gianni Carminati continuing the experiences made with his company Novotema founded in 1973 that in the eighties , nineties and two thousand become one of the leader of the rubber sealing manifacturing in the world.

At present the son Enrico Carminati is continuing the family tradition and Tecnonext now is the technical and commercial partner for the production company AGP Seals, which produce special rubber items like muffs, caps, fairleads, stoppers, frames, bellows, o-rings made with different elastomers. Moreover, Tecnonext supplies markets which need a high quality and precision, besides the main automotive sector it supplies also the pneumatic, household, Hydraulik and medical sectors, etc. The technical service is guaranteed by a skilled and professional team and optimized by the use of diffuse CAD/Cam systems. The inner development and construction of moulds

An engineering experienced team, supported by the most updated working and designing technologies, is able to manage, analyze, study and solve any possible issue. Working applying a co-design approach with our customers assures a winning strategy.

Thanks to our technological experience and knowhow, we suggest the material and the geometric solutions suitable for a high quality product in compliance with the required standards. We are able to study and produce, besides rubber technical items, also articles